EMC World 2009: Day 1 recap, day 2 starting soon

By Renegade on Tuesday 19 May 2009 07:44
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So, day 1 of EMC World is over. Had an exhausting day, but I wanted to write this post anyway. I had some interesting sessions today, dropped in on an SAP specific session, visited the bloggers lounge where I met a nice and quite crazy lot of people, but it was all good fun.

Most interesting today for me were the keynotes by Joe Tucci from EMC and Paul Maritz from VMware. This blog post is meant as an overview and some of the points that I found quite interesting. It is by no means complete, and if you want to get a full overview, then I would recommend that you check out this link to find a more complete recap of the keynotes.

First of was Joe Tucci who started with the main numbers for last year, and gave a focus on some of the main topics for this year. One point he made were the so called "hot topics". Among these were:
• Increased utilization
• Business continuity
• Backup to disk
• Deduplication and compression
• (Automatic) storage tiering
• Thin provision / virtual provisioning
• Unified storage
• Virtualization

One of the points he made was the importance that VMware currently has within EMC. The VMware share comes down to a whopping 48%.

We have seen that EMC was one of the first, if not the first, to introduce SSD (or EFD drives. Since the introduction of these drives a market change could be noticed. According to Tucci EMC customers could see a 78% price decrease in the last twelve months for EFD drives. Current EFD drives offer up to 60% more IOPS, 17% lower costs and 27% less power and cooling.

Next item on the agenda were the main challenges when it comes to running your own data center. Main points can be seen as protection and continuous availability in the form of clones, snaps and backup to disk. These measures are normally in place, partially or combined, to ensure continuous availability. Other issues include information security, verification and protection, the prevention of leakage on data moves and then there's security management and compliancy.

According to Tucci we currently have a situation where we work with an information and policy based intelligence. However, EMC is transitioning from a platform to a framework. The same can be said for archiving, and EMC views VMware as an approach that is not agent based (an agent on each instance).

What's next in it? EMC says that the key points are virtual data centers, cloud computing, virtual clients and virtual applications.

Virtual datacenters should share the same basic attributes that a physical datacenter also shows. It needs to be trusted. You need control, reliability and security no matter if you are in a virtual or physical environment.

EMC's answer to this starts of with a question. "What do customers like?". And the answer is probably not that easy to answer, but EMC tried to do so anyway. Some of the things they came up with include that it's dynamic, "efficient" (which is a very broad perception), on-demand and flexible, where you could probably interchange the last two that are mentioned.

Virtualization in the datacenter will create doubts on the trust that one has in it's own datacenter. One of the targets could be to move your own datacenter and convert it to a virtual cloud. VMware can help to federate and help migrate between the physical and virtual tier. In such landscapes we are starting to notice the limitations that are impeded upon us. for example the speed of light is a limit that we need to work around. We can't change these limitations, but this situation requires us to find alternative solutions.

When using a partner cloud, you may have security concerns. Three main pain points can be described; storage, information management and security.
EMC tries to combine the benefits of the various levels and/or solutions and combines them in a so called "federation layer". This should provide a customer experience that is the same, no matter on what platform the customer is working on, be it his own trusted environment or a partner cloud.

So much for Tucci's part. This is a rough roundup of the keynote and there was a lot more information, but I wanted to put this online while it is still fairly fresh in my head. I will be doing a recap of the VMware keynote tomorrow morning.

For now I'm off to bed, and I'm looking forward to day 2 of EMC World. :)

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