GestaltIT Tech Field: Day 0 - It started with a haiku.

By Renegade on Tuesday 17 November 2009 15:20
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I'm back! And what a ride it was. *O*

But, let's start at the beginning, which in my case was November 11th.

I needed to get up early to catch my flight from Frankfurt at 11:40. International flights will require you (at least here in Germany) to be at the airport at least 2 hours before takeoff, and you need to get yourself at the airport somehow.

After the usual paranoia at the airport and the extensive security checks which you will encouter when using a wheelchair, I was able to get on to the first stint of my flight which would take me to New York, or JFK airport to be more precise. Since you get couped up in your seat for some hours you have the time to do some thinking. You know, just the typical airline stuff that will get you wondering.

In my case this mostly happened on the second part, the trip from JFK to San Francisco, where we were told that we'd have the option of getting a snack from Delta's highly successful "EATS" program. So, there you are, stuck on an airplane for 6.5 hours without something to eat besides the (let's not get started on the taste) products offered in the EATS catalog.

No Wonder it's successful, what options do you have?! Get out and visit the Burger King on the right wing of the plane? |:(

Oh, and there's the fact that you will see advertisements in the magazines for noise canceling headsets from Bose or Sony. They promise to give you the sound experience of a lifetime. Too bad that nobody mentions the crappy audio source in the airplanes which will give you a perfect sounding low pitch sound of the movie your neighbor is watching. Excellent stuff! :+

So, that was the first part of the trip, and you get to wonder if this is just the start of it all. If it can only get worse from now on.

Luckily that wasn't the case. After a short trip from the airport I arrived at the hotel where I was one of the last to arrive. Thankfully they had ordered me something to eat, and after a steak and some beer we started off with the first introductions and some discussions.

I was expecting to meet some people who were nice and knew how to write, but I had no idea of how knowledgeable each and every one of them was! The learning began on that night for me, and it only partially ended after the event. I'm still processing the things I learned and the conversations we had. The evening was topped off with a small Haiku game that won me a Canon Powershot A1100 IS with a 4GB SDHC card. Nice!

You can expect to see some of my posts going on-line in the course of this (and the following) week, and you will be able to find the other posts by the people attending by going to the aggregate link on the Gestalt IT site.

One thing I can tell you already is that these events are great! And they show that communicating is key.

Hopefully you will enjoy my next posts, and we can get you psyched about the event even if you were not there! :)

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