Howdy Y'all, I'm a newbie

By Renegade on Friday 17 April 2009 10:28 - Comments (6)
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To blogging that is. :)

To start my first post I need to get something off my chest. Anyone who has been involved with SAN has probably noticed the launch of the new Virtual Matrix Architecture (or in short V-Max) by EMC last Tuesday.

I am still busy trying to gather all of the information and filling in the blanks that still exist for me. Anyway, all in all to me the solution so far looks pretty good and will need to prove itself in terms of scalability and such.

What really bugs me though is the reaction of some competitors (actually, at this moment only one competitor). The culprit? Hitachi Data Systems or in short HDS.

And why you might ask? Well, to me it seems that they felt the need to respond quickly. At least they did so, I'll give them that much. But instead of replying they tried to start a good old flame war. All of the classic signs are there. No knowledge of the matter was pretty poor and they tried to score by fussing over the name of the product.

All in all, as a customer and end-user of the various SAN solutions I have to say that the replies made by the various HDS people made me feel less likely of possibly purchasing a USP-V from them.

Me, I like to see products that solve the problems that I have in a reliable way. Be it from an infertile tiger or from an electronics repair shop. I just need to get the job done, what do care about the name? ;)